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Barrel and Fork Old Fashioned | $15

Our signature cocktail, bourbon or rye, dry vermouth, Zucca, turbinado, orange

*smoked with your choice of tinder  

Time Traveler  | $15

Bourbon or Rye, black walnut, brown butter, orange 

Smoked with chocolate pipe tobacco 

Spice Hound | $15

Rye, Captain Applejack, massala chai, orange, spice angostura 

Smoked with cinnamon oak 

Inferno | $15

Tequila, agave, cocao, spiced angostura, orange, chocolate habanero 

smoked with chocolate pipe tobacco 

Original Gangster| $22

Woodford Double Oak, turbinado, orange, ango


Into the Cosmos | $15
Vodka & Gin, Blueberry, triple cranberry, Lime, Orange, Cocchi, americano, Herbed Honey, Hibiscus


Book of Life | $16
Tequila, blood orange, lime, agave, spiced angostura, chocolate habanero

Ghost 1906| $15
Bourbon, lemon, rosemary, sage, honey, caramaro, plum, peppercorn 

Spellbound | $15
Gin or whiskey, Campari, Cocchi di Torino, orange, blackberry, saffron 

Snowpiercer | $15

White rum, lime, cacao, almond orgeat, chocolate habanero 




26 Acres Reptar Juice IPA

Narragansett lager

 Duck Rabbit Amber Ale

Bells Oberon Wheat Ale 

Full Steam Paycheck Pilsner
Stone Delicious IPA

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